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Drupal nineteenth anniversary


Era of beautiful websites with new main Drupal 9's Olivero theme

Drupal 9: The Most Beautiful CMS Ever

How about a… shiny new main theme?

How Does Your Ideal Default Theme for Drupal Look Like?

Curious which of the features on your wishlist for an ideal default theme have made it to the list of design principles for Olivero?

Well, here they are:

  • simple: clutter-free; by “clutter” they mean all colors, effects and visual elements that are irrelevant and make the theme look and feel too heavy
  • modern: support for modern browsers’ features and interaction modes
  • flexible: presents Drupal (front-end) developers with multiple options to choose from
  • focused: includes all those design elements, like negative space and high contrast, that grab user attention
  • accessible: it’s designed with WCAG AA conformity in mind; from functionality to layout, to colors, all elements should be thought out to be accessible for everyone







Webinari: https://www.videodrupal.org/video/20200813/olivero-making-drupal-9s-new-front-end-theme

youtube Design4Drupal Boston Webinar Series Olivero: The Making of Drupal 9’s New Front-end Theme